Make Negative into Positive…

JEALOUS stands for,

J – Joyful

E – Elegant

A – Adorable

L – Lovely

O – Optimist

U – Unique

S – Smart


Stress of Beauty

OMG it’s a stress umfffff what to do and this time a stress of beauty now what to do?🙇

While selecting for your face cleanup to hair spa to menicure to pedicure uffff so much tension and a tension of best service via best parlour…..

Coffee – Kuch haseen Lamhon ki Dastan ☕️

Kabhi socha hai ki Coffee kehne ko is just a Beverage magar ye aise cheez hai jo apne sath bhut kahaniyon ko banne ka afsar deti hai….

  • Jab Ladka Ladki date pe jate hain to Coffee Date, ek aisa Mauka jo un donon ko sath me ek quality time deta hai Coffee ka har ek sip unke rishte me ek nayi meethas gholta hua unhen ek nayi yaad deta hai 
  • Ab jab arrange marriage ke liye pehli baar Ladka Ladki milte hain to hota hai 2 families ka coffee date, ab a aajkal modern era hai ladki chai bnake to nahi aati….to bas ab ye coffee date deti hai dono family’s ko ek asha, ek naye rishte ki shuruat ki
  • Jab milna Ho 2 Dotson ko 👭 tab bhi yahi Soch aram SE baithenge gapen lgaenge to chalte hain ek achee si coffee and dher sari baten….yhan vo banate hain apni dosti ko mazboot kabhi kuch dukh bantte hain to kabhi kuch khushiyan, kabhi kuch photos kabhi Facebook pe checkin, kabhi kuch chugliyan to kabhi sath vali table valon ka mazak….to is tarah coffee ka har sip unhen de rha hota hai ek nayi yaad dosti ka ek atoot bandhan

Ab sochiye Kitni ajeeb baat hai ladkon ko jab apne ladke doston se milna ho to vo nahi jate coffee outlets pe so here comes Girls; the strong are the girls and so the coffee😜 so I must say it’s a nice combo #Girls+Coffee=Strong Impact😊☕️

Life is not what you Make it…since it is controlled by some Hidden Power

What i have observed and realized is Life is not what you make it but it is absolutely controlled by some Hidden Power i.e; GOD…

And sometimes if he use to give us some hints also it is not clear to us and hence we can’t react; but i wonder why he delays all the things and tests us for each and every desire.

Sometimes we use to plan certain things and we are very much confident about that but you even can’t judge and the very next moment will turn the table….OMG sometimes we scared to think and plan and when tired leave all the things in his hand.

So I guess or i can say although you are working hard for certain things if it is mend to happen it will happen.


World Radio Day

Radio where communities talk and which is cheap and major component good to ears of all age group;
So for this; 13th February is celebrated as World Radio Day; theme of the day was proclaimed by UNESCO on 3 November; 2011.
The date itself is the anniversary of the day the United Nations established United Nations Radio in 1946.
Theme of World Radio Day 2014 is “Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Radio” chosen by UNESCO in order to get the balance right in favour of Women in radio.