Footwear Love👠

Ahaan this light pink bellies with my light pink stockings just gave me a princess feel to my feet OMG walking like a queen feeling confident and collecting compliments yuhuuuu and icing on cake is it is very comfortable with very subtle design and elegant look, very elegant gold design is just enhancing its look…

Sometimes how your footwear just raise your confidence & attracting others eyes to your feet😜 I just love it, I just love having so many footwear😘👠👡👢😘


I Love My Earrings 😊

Accessorizing: Yup, I do it for Me ❤️

I love my earrings, so fond of this combo…very ethnic pink and navy blue combination with off-white pearls and little bit of gold work enhanced the beauty of this gem😘

Jewellery has this power to makes you Unique.