Just a thing I would think I should write and i wrote…feeling better!



Emotions- loving someone, crying for someone, hating someone, living for someone, dying for someone – all are emotions.

Things happens for a certain reasons and we are the incharge of those reasons and then we live in a guilt for those reasons or cherish them and then we involve others in that particular reason. Now what at the end we are alone hunting the reason that why and how things happened like this if it would be like that or if it would be like this then this would happen or that would happen…In all these if and buts we are busy in finding the reasons WHY then at the end of the day we see others and we genuinely feel our mistakes, we felt jealous and then we realize that we don’t have any option to correct the mistakes so how to accept the situation, this is also not easy that how to leave the things…And that is the time we think that we are stagnant and everyone is moving on with time then we decide that better surrender yourself to almighty God with all the flaws and let him handle the things and here generates the different emotion of Spirituality.

One More Year Older🎂

Yooo I got one more year older on my birthday on 10th of this month. I don’t know how but this time I was not at all excited for my birthday but I must say I have realised that the craving and actual beats of loud music is something which makes your birthday special.
I tell you, morning I just came from Jaipur from official trip then I went to parlour got some freaking attention, pamperness, style myself with my new attire and went out for lunch with my friends. I must tell you it was pathetic coz we were sitting out under the sun in a big restaurant & I got irritated and just went from that place and went for shopping and then to a very nice cafe with such a loud and ravishing music. Icing on the cake was the ambience OMG I just loved the place it was awesome dim lights, cake, live music and the ultimate crowd. I just loved it and it made me Jhoom on the Beats😘

Loved the day & at the end of the day I spent my time with my gem “FAMILY”❤

Happy Happy Me😊