Don’t Die because you have every reason to Live!!

This is really a brave topic I would say, sometimes we have to face the reality we are actually avoiding and we are not ready for it but when we came to know the things “the ground beneath your feet, slips away”.

But we have to be strong enough for those who really love us; you know previously I use to think to suicide for certain situations but now when I know my parents are with me my friends are with me then why? Why should I harm myself? Even though I think of doing something, my inner conscious never allows me to do this because they are my strength which makes me feel that I am not coward.

Life is full of lessons sometimes the tough lessons of your life is very important to show you the mirror.

Always keep in mind anyone can die but real person is the one who knows exactly how to live and why to live. 

All the best 😊


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