Marriage Lemons🤔

OMG whom to believe or not…A girl has many dreams for her marriage and apparently she fell in love with the guy she thinks that he is her Prince Charming and one dark day table turns and things changed between both of them and she got to know that her Prince Charming has cheated her not once not twice not thrice but many times… 

now the problem is she loves him madly, marriage is near but she is in deep fear..

Fear of loosing him, Fear of living with him…

Things getting worse, she doesn’t no what to do,

Life seems tough, she wants time to stop.

Now what, waiting what to do and how to do? I really don’t know that how can one of them cheated the other, If they are really in love atleast they should respect each other and not like doing this once and forever and then asking to forgive because If you are really in love then how can you cheat & yes btw I really want to know the definition of Love? 

Moreover I want to know when 10 years of abundant love is broken by some cheater how a girl can be so mad that she can’t leave him🤔

I think I should say this is not Marriage lemons but Love lemons…

I think since the story is incomplete I should put my topic incomplete giving me opportunity to share the complete one with you.


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