It is all about Priorities!

Hmmm well this time I really don’t know from where should I start…🤔 but true it is all about priorities.

I don’t want to say girls and boys have different different priorities, it is just that every person has different different priorities. Someone is family oriented and someone is friend oriented or someone is self obsessed. Inspire of all these things it is we the people who decides what to do and when to do but we are also mystery for others because we set different priorities for different different set of group of people.

As I know my Maternal Uncle, he is very well balanced and set his priorities for all, if something is not possible he would never say yes and he is very well organised and well behaved. So I learn this from him and still balancing myself like this but I don’t know why all of a sudden I am getting irritated with the people who just make their illogical priorities and live selfishly. Anyways their life, we can’t teach anyone forcefully. God bless them😊


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