la Saint-Valentin

First of all Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you.

la Saint-Valentin the day of Romance, flowers, teddy’s, cakes, balloons, nature, the color RED. Oh yes but what i am gonna do on this Love Day ? Nothing, just gonna hang out with my friends will have a good lunch and a nice dinner with family.

I wonder how people celebrate this wonderful festival of love 😉 but yes I would love to share my feelings if I would have my soul partner how would I celebrate it:-)

I will do some raunchy raunchy things, would love to go to city of lakes Udaipur and then a lovely candle-light dinner, romance and yup how can I forget to tell you about my dress…OK let me tell you, a long red gown with a slit on a leg giving best compliment with a nice nude pumps and perky earrings.

OMG, I am already in love with my dress…see a girl can be a girl so am I…;-) I don’t have any plans and see how excited I am and already feeling like a Queen of Palace.

Anyways enjoy all of you and have a wonderful Day ahead…:-)



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