One More Year Older🎂

Yooo I got one more year older on my birthday on 10th of this month. I don’t know how but this time I was not at all excited for my birthday but I must say I have realised that the craving and actual beats of loud music is something which makes your birthday special.
I tell you, morning I just came from Jaipur from official trip then I went to parlour got some freaking attention, pamperness, style myself with my new attire and went out for lunch with my friends. I must tell you it was pathetic coz we were sitting out under the sun in a big restaurant & I got irritated and just went from that place and went for shopping and then to a very nice cafe with such a loud and ravishing music. Icing on the cake was the ambience OMG I just loved the place it was awesome dim lights, cake, live music and the ultimate crowd. I just loved it and it made me Jhoom on the Beats😘

Loved the day & at the end of the day I spent my time with my gem “FAMILY”❤

Happy Happy Me😊


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