Confidence – A state of independence, beauty of freedom, ability of thinking, development of positive mindset, and most important your job; from where we get all these things, what are the roots? Yes, we should actually think about this. I know many of us have our own different views and our own mindsets but what I think I will surely share it with you all.

Confidence ~ the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something; if we read this line again, Belief, Faith are the words captured much attention and we all have Faith in God, strong Belief in God but who is the God on this Earth?  And the answer is Our Parents – they are the reason of our confidence, they are the actual roots who genuinely scarifies the things, tolerate the pain for our happiness and it’s their power which makes us bright and shine. 

Confidence itself is a big word but when we have confidence people follow us, when people follow us we get more motivated and we get the strength and desire of doing something and achieving something out of it. Sometimes this confidence also help us to violate the barricades of our life and again we get this Confidence from our parents who are always there when we need them, good or bad the time is parents are always their and help you pushing your limits.

Love your Parents to Love your Life.


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