Think, ponder, contemplate or muse; whatever it is but Think…What to think and why to think?
A question itself is strange…sometimes I use to think what to think and sometimes I stuck in between the multiple thoughts and sometimes in darkness of thoughts. Like today I was thinking what to write so I was thinking but why?
Hmmmm because there is a Train of Thoughts in my mind, OMG I know it should be clear but my train of thought is probably not clear as it should be.

Anyways so much of stress ufff I can’t handle this roller coaster ride of thoughts making me think more and more and making it horrifying but I have realized that there are some stages of thinking, one after another there is a depth of thoughts crisscrossing each other like neutron and proton so I can say at sometimes our atom so called “mind” is not stable and we tired without doing anything…so how to elaborate the depth of thinking? Am I getting more matured or more confused? Really I must tell you childhood is best part now I am getting why people use to say that these are your golden days actually getting matured is really confusing and terrifying.

Depth of thoughts or I can say stages of thoughts is yet to be discovered for me but I guess I have understood or analysed about myself; so I can say that having so many thoughts giving you so much of stress and graying your hairs is actually worth if you are able to analyse yourself,the kind of person you are.

Ok, now done with my things and feeling good actually about writing such a complex topic.






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