Make Negative into Positive…

JEALOUS stands for,

J – Joyful

E – Elegant

A – Adorable

L – Lovely

O – Optimist

U – Unique

S – Smart


Chocolate Love 😋🍫🍩

Yummmm it was….this #chocolateroom choco mouse cup is sooooo yummm that anyone feels to it right now and you know the best part is the cup is eatable this yummy chocolate cup is just an icing on the cake filled with choco cream and choco crunch for its presentation….I am loving it😊😋

Footwear Love👠

Ahaan this light pink bellies with my light pink stockings just gave me a princess feel to my feet OMG walking like a queen feeling confident and collecting compliments yuhuuuu and icing on cake is it is very comfortable with very subtle design and elegant look, very elegant gold design is just enhancing its look…

Sometimes how your footwear just raise your confidence & attracting others eyes to your feet😜 I just love it, I just love having so many footwear😘👠👡👢😘

Exploring Yourself

After a long time sitting alone in a restaurant having a sip of Lemonade in this Scortching heat is good…sitting alone and observing people around and watching my feelings and thoughts and enjoying my company😊

Yum matar kulcha & lemonade😛👌🏻


I always experience something new in a Journey from one place to another..this is the second time journey to the same place in a same train with some different experience and some different vibes with some different train clothes😂 yes you read it right different clothes hahaha….

This time I have decided to wear a nice long flaired plazo and I bought it yesterday for train, first time I have bought something new only for train and I am happy with that only😂

Sometimes we got excited with some stupid small reasons and that is also a journey A Journey of Thoughts and Clothes😜

Story Challenge Month


Every parting is a form of death as every reunion is a form of heaven.

So as we already know we are in a strange word of blogging, so let’s discuss our story. But Why? Do you get some prizes? No No No but Yes Yes Yes why not you can get a courage to fight your fear of parting away or a courage to sort your puzzle and put right pieces at right place. So let’s start my dear friends, a new way of helping others and to ourselves👍🏻